Locate the Leprechaun

    We’re back again for Locate the Leprechaun!
    In 2020 & 2021, Lenny the Leprechaun was so upset we didn’t have a parade, he ran away! And now that the is parade back, he seems to have taken a liking to his time away. After we checked his usual haunts, it appears that Lenny is still hiding, and we certainly can’t have the parade without him! Can you help us find out where he is?

    Sign up your child for Locate the Leprechaun! It includes a special “Official Locator” cotton t-shirt, all the clues (trinkets) Lenny left behind, and a special treat at the last location. For the sake of the parents’/guardians’ sanity we will include a map with all the locations on it (and FYI some of those locations have great food and drinks if you decide you need to take a break!) Kids will get a scroll of paper with all the Clues you need to find the Leprechaun. You will start inside Tony’s Downtown Bar; this is where you’ll pick up your shirt, get your map, and your clue scroll. There are ten stops (including Tony’s) and you will finish at Josh and John’s Ice Cream! The course itself is just shy of one mile long. The event will run from 1PM to 3PM on March 9, 2024. Once you start, there is no rush, we just ask you to be at the last stop by 3PM.



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    Event Details