We’re back for a great 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! We’ll see you for the Parade March 12, 2022!

    2022 Event Announcement

    The Colorado Springs Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee and The Grand Prix of Running are excited to invite you back to downtown Colorado Springs for our 38th (mostly) Annual St.Patrick’s Day Parade, 5k Run, Bike Ride, Fun Run, Sports Expos, and bringing it back this year, is the 2nd annual Locate the Leprechaun Scavenger hunt!

    We’re so excited to see all your smiling faces as we have missed you the last couple of years! We were among the first events to get cancelled that cold March day in 202o, and man have we missed you all! The world has changed a lot since we last met, but we sure are glad to bring back this classic event! Fun for all ages and with eight events this year, there is something for everyone to enjoy!


    Parade Entries for 2022

    We look forward to you being in the 2022 Parade! Sponsor a float or build your own! Be a part of the 38th annual Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Voted the best downtown Colorado Springs event!

    Running Events

    Join one of the states largest 5k runs as thousands of kilted and shamrock bearing runners paint downtown in a sea of green! Kids fun runs, sports expo, and other activities available.  SORRY, NO REFUNDS!

    The City's

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    The first annual Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held 38 years ago in Old Colorado City. After outgrowing the West Side we moved our festivities to the center of the city. Today we are the biggest and best start to events in the heart of Colorado Springs’ Downtown, every year!

    Join thousands of runners,  dozens of dancing groups, Celtic bands, marching bands, schools, charities, businesses, and more for this celebration of Irish and Springtime in the West!

    (color2)IRISH(/color2) (color2)DOWNTOWN(/color2) (color2)CELEBRATION!(/color2)

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    No place to park downtown for the Parade or Race?

    We often partner with PikeRide, a bike share system available to the public, but you can always rent one of their bikes in many locations through out Colorado Springs.


    PikeRide.org or find them on theirs Socials!

    Our (color2)World Class(/color2) Parade

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    (color1)Events(/color1) Schedule

    [om_reduce_space height=”2em”][om_agenda description_expand=”yes”][om_agenda_day title=”Day 0 – Locate the Leprechaun Event” date=”March 3, 2021″][om_agenda_item time=”12:00 PM” title=”Locate the Leprchaun” room=”Downtown Colorado Springs”]We need your help!! Lenny the Leprechaun has run off again, and without your help finding him, we may not be able to have a parade this year! Last year participants were given clues that helped them keep hot on his trail! Visiting different downtown businesses and collecting different clues along the way we were able to find Lenny! Help us again this year and get your Leprechaun Locator shirt when you sign up to help!

    A fun “scavenger hunt” located in Downtown Colorado Springs, participants get a shirt and trinkets along the way as they follow the clue sheet from location to location searching for Lenny the Leprechaun! We try to keep it to around ten stops, and there is a photo opp at the end (and maybe some ice cream from Josh & Johns)! It’s $15 per child and will be held Saturday March 5, from noon to 3 o’clock. The activity takes about an hour to complete and is just shy of being s full mile walk. Please dress in layers. There is no time restraint once you start, so if you want to stop and have lunch at any of the restaurants who are helping you find Lenny, please do. We just ask that you arrive at the final stop by 3 PM.

    If we are successful, Locators will be able to attend the Parade and wave to Lenny on March 12, 2021 at noon.

    For more kids activities please check out the Leprechaun Fun Run! [/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day title=”Day 1 – St. Pats Sports & Wellness Expo” date=”Mar 11, 2022″][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”8:00a – 10:00″ room=”Mining Exchange Hotel–Ball Room” speaker_ids=”117″ title=”Vendor Setup”]Vendor Setup for Sports & Wellness Expo[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”10:00a – 6:00p” room=”Mining Exchange Hotel — Ball Room” speaker_ids=”118″ title=”St. Pats Sports Expo OPEN”]Come to pickup your event packet, bibs, shirts, kilts, and more and visit dozens of sports and wellness vendors to find out whats coming up for the year.[/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day title=”Day 2 – Parade & Events Day” date=”Mar 12, 2022″][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”9:00a” room=”America the Beautiful Park, 126 Cimino Drive” speaker_ids=”113″ title=”Pedalin’ for St. Pats Bike Ride Start”]Ride through the city on your choice of one of three routes; Family Ride, Intermediate Ride, or the Challenging 50k ride. End the morning with a party and then stroll through the Parade![/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”10:00a” title=”5k Run Start” room=”Acacia Park, Tejon St.”]Watch or participate as thousands of runners race down Tejon Street, up Cascade and Finish in Acacia Park![/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”11:00a” room=”Acacia Park, Tejon St.” title=”Leprechaun Fun Run”]A one mile run up and back on Tejon Street, in front of a crowd is a fun way for your wee ones to participate![/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”Noon” title=”St. Patrick’s Day PARADE” room=”Tejon Street”]The highlight of all the events, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade kicks off and heads down Tejon Street in Beautiful Downtown Colorado Springs![/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][/om_agenda][om_reduce_space height=”26px”]

    Get Reviewing Stand tickets and enjoy the parade in style!!

    Join the largest kilted run!